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Daulat Hussainby Daulat Hussain

Want to land your dream programming job in 3-6 months? Then do this...

In this 1 - 1 Consultancy, I will provide a complete guide,what you have to learn, and what project you need to build whether you are a beginner or an advanced developer.

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Daulat Hussain

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Why are you stuck?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re reading this, you’re not where you want to be.

1 You don't have the discipline to code consistently

2 You get stuck on a bug and don't make any progress for weeks

3 you don't feel smart enough

4 You apply to hundreds of jobs and never hear back

5you're already a developer, but you're unhappy with how much you make

6you're bored by the work you do and the tech you use

You want to...

1Get hired as a developer

2Get promoted and increase your income

3Start freelancing

4Build your own apps/dapp

5Start a SaaS blockchain business

I've been exactly where you are

I’m Daulat, the founder & CEO of The Blockchain Coders.

When I started coding, I was struggling. I landed an internship and had to use React for a project, but I didn’t know how. I turned to countless courses and books, but they only taught theory.

Nothing helped. The courses left me confused, bored, demotivated, and helpless. They taught concepts…but none of them taught me how to use those concepts to make something real.

Many days I was unable to write even a single line of code. I was so close to giving up. My love for coding was the only thing keeping me going.

After a lot of trial and error and unending frustration, I finally discovered the best way to learn to code & amaz by Web3 technology, so i decided to learn blockchain development, at the start did know much how to start . The answer?

Practical. Build. Experience.

What was missing, at least for me, was actual hands-on experience BUILDING something. Something I could test and change and debug and learn from. Projects that I, myself, thought of, developed, and owned.

Since then, I've taught many developers with project-based courses on YouTube. I mentored developers from being stuck to getting their dream jobs & having clarity that what they should learn and build.

I created the 1 - 1 Consultancy to save you years of struggle and frustration. If you want to condense years of learning into months, code with confidence, create invaluable connections and get a high-paying job, this is for you.

If you are reading this then i also belive that you trust me. So take you next step to book you 1 - 1 Consultany to save you years and have right mindset to get start.


Kindly Know that in the Appointment, you can ask any question, including the error you are facing in the project we have build.

But, You can not Ask for what we have not covered in all the projects we have build on our YouTube channel

How it works

The 1 - 1 Consultancy will help you to find all your unanswer questions

1How to start?

2What to learn?

3What is the purpose of the blockchain application that I am developing?

4Which blockchain platform or technology should I use for my application?

5How do I design the smart contracts for my blockchain application?

6What is the best way to handle security and privacy in my blockchain application?

7How do I ensure the scalability and performance of my blockchain application?

8What programming languages and tools should I use to develop my blockchain application?

9How do I test and deploy my blockchain application?

10What is the best way to handle user experience and user interface design for my blockchain application?

11How can I ensure the interoperability of my blockchain application with other blockchain platforms and technologies?

12What are the legal and regulatory considerations that I need to take into account when developing a blockchain application?

Ask Question About Project

In this, 1 - 1 consultancy you will not get final code of any projects we have build on YouTube Channel

1Supply Chain Dapp

2Crowd Funding Dapp

3NFT Marketplace Dapp

4Uniswap Clone Dapp

5Decentralize Chat Dapp

6Blockchain Voting Dapp

7EthereScan Dapp

8Create Crypto Currency Dapp

9Ethere Transfer Dapp

10ToDo Dapp

11Portfolio Website Template

12Real Estate Dapp

We are looking forward to have you on board with 1 - 1 Consultancy. Welcome to @theblockchaincoders, the complete solution to becoming a blockchain developer faster and get a job.